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About Vialli ALMATERHM

VIALLI-ALMATHERM Pipes & Fittings is a subsidiary company of almanit sanitary gmbh in Hamburg - Germany. We are specialized in suppluing piping products and fittings for plactic piping systems of pressure and hot water (heating) distribution. Our main products are PP-R Fittings, PP-R Pipes, PEX Pipes & Fittings, PP-R Stabi pipes with aluminum layer and PP-R Fiberglass composite pipes.

Our production and inspection is effected strictly according to Germany and European standards. For our PPR system production, we only use the highest-quality materials - HOSTALEN, VESTOLEN and RA130E from BOREALIS - granulates with high molecular weight and highly heat stabilized; Color: gray-green. The material is in compliance with the recommendations of KTW, the German Federal Public Health Department (BGA).

Reach Us

Almanit Sanitary Gmbh
Papenstrasse 23
22089 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 2513347
Fax: +49 40 2513681
Email: info@almanit.de
Web: www.vialligroup.de

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